A couple of Kiwis travelling the world.


You guys are living the absolute dream in Chamonix France, what made you decide to go there and can you tell us a bit about your lifestyle in snow-ville?

Leah: Yass Chamonix! Long story short, my brother Sean did a snow season in Cham back in 2014 and I went over to visit him for a month. Obviously loved it and saved my ass off for a couple years to make sure I one day got back there. We initially planned to do just the one season, but as fate fell into play, we fell in love with the people, the town and of course the mountains. So random to writing this now because we’ve literally just left…literally as in today! A year and a half later and our time was up. Sad but happy to move on, we’re back into #VANLIFE, travelling this way for the next month so bring it on!

Bryn: Leah convinced me go from the surf to a season in the snow and we ended up staying longer. It’s a tight balance between partying, working and riding - they don’t all go together like clock-work but we’ve given it a hell of a nudge. Beers every arvo, cruisey job and epic powder days, what more can you ask for. 

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Leah: COFFEE 100%. Maybe not the healthiest of decisions, but healthy for my soul thats for sure.

Bryn: I go to bed thinking about breakfast, so breakfast is then what gets me out of bed.

Favourite sport or activity? You guys seem to do everything!

Leah: Snowboarding for me! I grew up pretty sporty I guess, netball & dancing mostly but always went boarding in the winter time. Although I was never really that good back then haha. Now I’m at a level I’m pretty proud of so that’s gotta be the fav! 

Bryn: Surfing for me. Rugby too and pretty much anything on a board. 

What does success look like to you both? 

Leah: Happiness I think. Someone who's truly happy will succeed whether they pass or fail #cheesy

Bryn: Achieving something you’ve put everything into

What’s your go-to health nudge on days where you’re battling?

Leah: Recently I’ve been loving turmeric in my tea or chia seeds in my water bottle. When I’m battling, all of the above + clean eating too.

Bryn: Getting outside in the fresh air…which sometimes leads to the pub, but hey, fresh alpine air is a thing right?


Annabel Hartles