Hey, we are Tom and Belle.

We are both siblings and business partners. Can't remember how we met.

Through our combined skills and passions, we may just be the perfect team to shake up New Zealand's health and wellness industry.

Right now, we are small but we have big plans to grow, creating super healthy products available to everyone.


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As a New Zealand volleyball rep, Tom has a wealth of experience in fitness and health.


Belle has a passion for food and wellness, believing that food is the starting place for overall health.


Already an at-home-juicing-connoisseur, Belle discovered an exciting new product while travelling overseas. These shot-sized bottles of juice packed with healthy ingredients quickly replaced her early morning coffee fix.

On returning to New Zealand, and finding that wellness shots still hadn't made their way to our shores, Belle teamed up with Tom to make their own wellness shots. They took them to the markets to see if other locals would like them just as much as they did.



The shots were met with overwhelming positivity. Customers were asking where they could get "200 more for their Fijian hotel" and “where’s the sign-up sheet for home delivery” because “you just can’t find turmeric juice like this”.  

And with that, Goju was born! (Sort of) 


We have spent over a year and a half testing and retesting (check the video here) different shot flavours to make our shots perfect. In the end, we decided to keep things simple. 

We took the most beneficial ingredients from traditional health juices and packed them into 60mls. 

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goju shots are different from other juices

We want to make Goju shots as potent as possible to keep naturally occuring sugars low and the health benefits really high. The shots are dominated by their main ingredient. So be prepared for a serious health kick!

We hope you enjoy our shots as much as we do and we can’t wait to share more of the Goju experience with you.